Students, mostly from the University of Bristol, but also from UWE and other colleges make up a large proportion of the population of High Kingsdown. High Kingsdown Community Association welcomes them as part of our community and encourages them and their neighbours to get to know each other.

Bristol University has an active Community Liaison department (see Contacts page) and has various resources to help their students integrate into the community.

Student guide to community living

There is also a specific guide for students moving out of university accommodation and into private rented accommodation.

If there are problems that cannot be resolved informally, the university has a framework for dealing with allegations of misconduct made against students, which is documented in the Bristol Student Agreement that all UoB students are required to abide by. Bristol University recommends,  for neighbours, landlords and members of the community who are experiencing problems with student behaviour in the community to use this link for further advice and guidance.

The Bristol Waste web site has a helpful guide for students on what to recycle and when: