We'd be glad to hear from you if you live in High Kingsdown, one of the nearby streets or if you walk through the estate to get to the shops, work or school.

  • How is High Kingsdown looking? Is it over-green, too weedy, or just right?

  • We've been pesticide free since 2015. Should we continue this policy?

  • Can you tell us about your experience of noise between 11pm - 7am? Are you ever woken up by noise, and if so, what type of noise?

  • How do we make High Kingsdown a better place?

  • Do you want to join the Whats App group? To volunteer?

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Welcome to the High Kingsdown Website. We would like this website to act as a hub, and to provide useful information for residents of the 103 houses and 76 flats that make up High Kingsdown. We hope you enjoy your visit! Feedback always appreciated.

See below for information on:


GARAGES We are painting garage where they have deteriorated -

Action: Next painting session: Thursday January 6th. Start 10 am – all welcome to help.

CONTRIBUTIONS The flats pay annual contributions to the upkeep of the estate but it is more difficult getting money out of the houses.

Action: Nick and Shaun to galvanise the committee into collecting contributions from houses in March.

HMOs - Action: Tony/Karen to liaise with Dan on updates to the HMO situation and to formulate a question for Guy Poultney

Website: Briony to write a ‘News from the Committee’ based on minutes.

Survey deadline is 31st December.

Green High Kingsdown: Karen is now being employed by Cotham Church for a few hours per week to take forward the Green Cotham and High Kingsdown initiative.

Sports Centre closure: Briony reported that there would be a cabinet meeting on December 14. Meet College Green at 3.30.

50th Anniversary of HK– The committee have decided to produce a commemorative newsletter in June and to hold a brunch on the Green in July.

Carol singing – Briony to email Graham Syrett to say that the HK residents would like to join in the carols on Fremantle Square on 18th December.

Meeting schedule: for 2022 to go on the website.

Our great Newsletter covering the estate's issues and plans is published by Martin Smith: hkra.newsletter@gmail.com.

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Our email is: office@highkingsdown.co.uk

If you wish to contribute to this site, or are somehow involved in HKCA or HKRA activities and wish to be receive communications sent to us, just email us and a "Share" link will be sent to you. At the moment, such emails are forwarded to Brionny, to Karen, to Ken, to Tony Allan, to Matthew (Mob: 07583212428), to Karen, and to Briony. Or just let Matthew know.

Facebook for the flats see: https://www.facebook.com/HighKingsdownResidentsAssociation/