Welcome to the High Kingsdown Website.  We would like this website to act as a hub, and to provide useful information for residents of the 103 houses and 76 flats that make up High Kingsdown.  We hope you enjoy your visit!  Feedback always appreciated. 

See below for information on:

  • the meetings of the High Kingsdown Residents' Association houses and flats groups, and how you can attend.
  • the officers of these bodies, and how to contact them
  • volunteering to help plant the gardens, suppress litter, tackle grafitti, engage with new residents, lobby for more money for the playground rehabilitation scheme
  • a calendar of events; add our events to your calendar; list your events on our calendar
  • the history of High Kingsdown - what famous people lived here, how the 1970s estate came to be built
  • local community links
  • how to dispose of your rubbish without driving everyone else crazy
  • how cyclists can help get better cycle-parking facilities
  • how to get extra Residents Parking Scheme tickets for friends and family who visit
  • how to get the newsletter sent to you

Our email is:  office@highkingsdown.co.uk 
If you wish to contribute to this site, or are somehow involved in HKCA or HKRA activities and wish to be receive communications sent to us, just email us and a "Share" link will be sent to you. 
At the moment, such emails are forwarded to Pella, to Ken, to Tony Allan, to Matthew (Mob: 07583212428), to Karen, and to Briony.  Or just let Matthew know.

Facebook for the flats see: https://www.facebook.com/HighKingsdownResidentsAssociation/

Newsletter. A highly informative newsletter covering our issues and plans is published by Martin Smith: hkra.newsletter@gmail.com or sign up here

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