Key Council people and committees

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Links to people who have power over our lives (and over funding!):

Provided for candidates who advertised for Council roles this year (org chart) (2018)

Names of top people Bristol city council (Feb 2018)

Bristol Council 1st to 3rd tier structure org chart Sept 2016

Bristol Council 1st to 3rd tier structure org chart May 26 2015.pdf

Bristol Council 1st to 3rd tier structure 31 December 2015

Some more names (messy, but searchable)

Bristol Post list of the top people

Cabinet members - descriptions, functions, party affiliations

Chief executive and strategic managers

Includes the strategic manager for Neighbourhoods

Alison Comley is the Strategic Director for Neighbourhoods. She is responsible for:

    • management and maintenance of around 28,000 Council Homes in Bristol

    • neighbourhoods and communities: the library service in Bristol and neighbourhood partnerships

    • public health

    • customer services

    • licensing

    • co-ordination of Bristol’s response to crime, community safety and anti social behaviour.

  • parks and green spaces


Tel: x23183

Directly under her is Tracey Morgan, Service Director - Environment and Leisure at Bristol City Council

Her July 2014 report recommending ending outsourcing of parks maintenance from Feb 2015 and doing everything directly, to reduce costs

Talks of delivery of maintenance partly through Neighbourhood Partnerships and volunteers.

This was agreed by the Cabinet

The 2013 Bristolian article about her

Possibly of interest - Public Rights of Way and Greens Committee


Bristol Parks Forum Members/

Bristol Parks Forum - meetings 28 Jan, 8 Apr

Bristol Parks Forum - a quick guide to environment and leisure 2010 - includes names of level 4 officers

Bristol Parks - a more comprehsive Parks Structure, undated, but maybe 2016-05-09.pdf

Bristol Parks - another Parks Structure, again undated, with telephone numbers.pdf

Bristol Parks Forum - Parks Structure December 2016.pdf

How to set up a community park group

Bristol parks and green space strategy 2007

Parks map for Redland, Cotham and Bishopstone NP

Tracey Morgan appears as one of Alison Comley's 4 direct reports in the following March 2015 Orgchart:

Parks is on the left, under Environmental Area Management,

Karen has been liaising with Parks Project Officer Vicki Abel, 0117 922 3868, who she believes is under Richard Fletcher, who is in charge of Central/East area. (Google searches turn up references to Vicki in connection with projects in varied locations, not all in Central, e.g. at Durham Downs, Castle Park, Dundry View, and Sea Mills Square.) But in the December 2016 Orgchart Vicki Abel is part of a city-wide Program Delivery Team headed by Rob Stephen.

Possibly when Karen first approached the Council we were in Central/East, but are now in North? Or maybe the Council's parks organization hasn't caught up with the ward boundary changes?

(This comes from

Just for reference, I have put the older Orgchart underneath:

Older orgchart (but note that this orgchart is undated):

Here is Environmental Area Management's top tier:

It seems we are North:

Or are we really North? Perhaps not. Here is the section of the orgchart above to which Richard Fletcher belongs, and below there is the further orgchart which contains Central's local Parks staff:

This is Central's contact person: