Graffiti removal (High Kingsdown Tag Action Group)

It is important to remove graffiti quickly as it goes up, because it is contagious - leaving it in place attracts more graffiti So a group of volunteers has been formed on the High Kingsdown Estate.

Training on graffiti removal is given by Liz Kew, coordinator of the Bishopstone, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership StreetScene project, which has also provided some materials (green paint and chemical cleaner).

The cleaning materials are kept by Briony, Tony, and Shaun.

In order for the volunteers to be able to remove graffiti from garage doors and replace it by green paint, permission must be given by garage owners.

A form by which garage owners can give permission is attached at the base of the page, below ("High Kingsdown graffiti permission form").

    • Martin Smith holds a list of garages for which permission to clean has been given. This has been moved to the graffiti page.

    • Liz Kew holds the formal permissions, which consist of a legal disclaimer absolving the Council of responsibility (see attachment below). Martin is trying to get electronic copies of the permissions already given.

    • Volunteers include Karen, Briony, Nicholas, Shaun, Tony, sometimes Matthew, and others who have been trained

Send your permissions to:

Garage owners - a plea

Please download the permission form underneath, click the arrow on top right

open in Word, print, fill in, scan, and then send to

There's also a Garage Layout Map to help you describe where your garage is.