Graffiti is a serious problem in High Kingsdown.

[1] Report graffiti on walls to the Council. We were told that Bristol Waste will now take action, after a regretable period of suspending cleaning. However it is not clear (December 2018) whether this is really happening.

The form is here:

Theory is, you need to give the Council permission to clean your wall. Without permission they supposedly won't move. But in fact this is not true, the key is to keep reporting it.

Graffiti on Council-owned street furniture does not need a permission form, just report as above. Very important that those strange green boxes in the street should stay clean, if tagged they seem to indicate to taggers that we are lazy. Please report, report, report:

If the Council do nothing, complain - there is a Bristol City Council complaints procedure.

An example of tagged street furniture which should be reported to the Council and doesn't need a permission.

[2] Graffiti should also be reported to the police on 101, where complaints can be properly logged, rather than by email.

If we do not report graffiti the police will not know that it is happening. If it is reported they can patrol the area.

City-wide, formerly the chief guy was PC Stuart King of St Philips Marsh / The Dings heads Operation Block, a cooperation between the police and the Council to crack down on tagging.

To talk to PC 1821 King call 101 or e-mail him using However, he has moved on to other functions.

[3] Graffiti should be removed by us if small

We have formed a group to remove graffiti. See High Kingsdown Tag Action Group

It is at

[4] Community Payback

Community Payback are able to do projects that range from litter picking and fly tipping removal, painting out graffiti and cutting back overgrown foliage, to redecorating community centres. Email the location and the type of job; ideally if you could send photos then this would help to identify the location and the size of the job in question. Neil has previously been helpful to High Kingsdown, getting us £3,000 for Green High Kingsdown.


  • In theory, we cannot clean garages without permission from the owner. However, we are becoming irritated with owners not contacting us to give us permission. The garage doors look terrible, it is in everyone's interest that they be cleaned up. But if you really don't want your garage door repainted, please tell us on

          • If you own a garage and haven't yet given us permission to clean it, please download the form.

          • Open it in Word, fill in, scan, and send to

Please join the volunteers. See High Kingsdown Tag Action Group

[5] Map of garage locations (scroll down and down again!):

Garage permission links are below

Garage permission links are below

Garage Permissions - Off Little Paul St and Portland st

Have you given us permission to clean your garage? If not, send High Kingsdown garages permission form (below) to