Complaints & Emergencies

All residents:

Waste and rubbish issues are dealt with on our recycling page. Fly tipping has a council form and is also extensively covered on the recycling page. Problems on a street (no light, truck drove into bike hoops, loose BT cover, etc) should go to the council's Fix My Street.

Graffiti See our Graffiti page.

Noise. Report a long-term noise issue on the council's noise complaints site.

Or if student-related, late night and happening now, then text Operation Beech on 07773 816 248 (normally Wednesday, Friday and Saturday [8 pm to 2 am]).

Report overflowing bins/litter on also on our recycling page

This site covers many more things, such as street lights not working, graffiti, overflowing drains, even dead animals that need to be sensitively removed.

"We are Bristol" helpline, 0800 694 0184 or

Flats complaints

The flats are managed by Hillcrest Estate Management, 5 Grove Road, Redland BS6 6UJ. The Estate Manager is Martin Hucker, 0117 973 0600 or Our daily contact for issues is Hannah Yull MIRPM: 0117 973 0600 or by email

Liz Nussbaum is Accounts Manager. She can be contacted on 0117 946 4700 or


Hillcrest will send out an emergency plumber, even at weekends for external or communal area leaks, or if water is coming through your ceiling from the flat above and you can't contact the landlord, call: 0117 332 0513

Other problems/advice, maybe can be answered by emailing:


Police non-urgent, including to report a crime and so on. Either 'phone 101 or (my favourite) go on-line to Avon and Somerset Police, where you can easily and quickly report any crime and so on. Please do report crimes (even if you don't believe much will happen) - that way at least the police have some idea of the size of the local problems; which obviously has relevance to allocated resources.

Our community policemen:

Lorna Dallimore – Neighbourhood Team Inspector

Johnathon Scott – Neighbourhood Police Team Sergeant

Lucy Bagnowiec – Police Constable Patrol

Mark Jackson – Beat Manager

Bristol Council

Main Switchboard 0117 922 2000 (you get through to a human on this number)

Street Sweeping 0117 922 2100

Recycling 0117 903 1221

Refuse Collection 0117 922 2100

Roads, Pavements & Drains 0117 922 2100

Anti-social Behaviour 0845 605 2222

Collection of Bulky Items 0117 922 2100 wait a short time then dial 2-2 (connects you to a human)

Reporting Abandoned Vehicles 0117 222 2100

Concessionary Fares 0117 922 3089