How get news of HKRA/HKCA events on your Google Calendar!

You can be told about events...How? On your Google Calendar click here:

Type this:

A request will be sent to us, which will swiftly be OK'd.

Remember to make our calendar live on your Google Calendar.

Click the HKRA/HKCA Calendar square to turn it coloured:

You can also now add events to the HKRA/HKCA calendar,

You do this, not here - but on your gmail calendar. Assuming you have one. If not, send to

When you add an event, the HKCA calendar needs to be selected on your gmail calendar, otherwise you'll just add the event to your own calendar

If you don't have Google Calendar and want an event added, email details of the event to:

For timely news about the flats, also see: