Committees: HK Residents Assoc Houses & Flats

There are two different HKRA meetings, one for the flats and one for the houses.

This represents the houses, but primarily manages the business of the charity High Kingsdown Community Association, a charity which maintains the gardens, playground, and other council-owned common parts accessed by the wider public (and therefore also represents the flats residents, and the general public, in this regard).

Flats residents all contribute to the charity through their management fee.

This represents the flats via the High Kingsdown Right-to-Manage Company which liaises with the flats management company Hillcrest, and maintains a Facebook page

The flats are managed by Hillcrest Estate Management. The Estate Manager is Martin Hucker, 0117 973 0600 or

Making Contact

Our joint email is:


Due to privacy concerns, the minutes will be removed from open access. If you want access (and have a right to it) click on the minutes links within the above two committees pages, and you'll be prompted to request access.

All residents are welcome to meetings. See the calendar. Both have quarterly meetings and Annual General Meetings, the quarterly being in houses or flats.


Martin Smith maintains the newsletter: