Volunteering and weeding

High Kingsdown Estate has many communal areas that need caring for. There are a number of ways you can get involved:

Weeding - our "weedairoboics" sessions

Every Thursday at 10.00 a.m. a bunch of us gather in the playground to weed the lanes.

The activity is good exercise, but also has a more serious purpose.

High Kingsdown has decided to avoid the carcinogenic weedkiller glyphosate. This ban is common practice in much of Europe - for instance glyphosate is banned in France.

We want our lanes to look clean. At the same time, we want to allow bushes and grasses and flowers to grow tall and splendid and give sustenance to insects (which ultimately sustain us). It is a compromise between the human sense of order and nature's happy chaos. Help us make this compromise this Thursday, in the playground, at 10.00 a.m.

Just show up in the playground and meet the rest of us there.

Following on from the Streetscene training days, there are some work sessions coming up. Our aim is to tackle grafitti as fast as we can. We are also sending photos to the police, so get in touch if you see any or if you would like to join our TAG group.

Green High Kingsdown Gardening Group,

See Facebook website: GHK Green High Kingsdown The group meets on weekday evenings from March to November. Contact us for more info.

University Gardening Society & Resident Gardening sessions

Working with the Students Union gardening society, there will be sessions throughout the Autumn, Winter and Spring. Check the Facebook 'Roots Community Gardening' webpage for more info. Roots work on a wide variety of projects. See their website to find out more.

Volunteer Litter Pickers

If you would like to help pick up litter, the residents Association can supply gloves, bags and litter pickers.

High Kingsdown Community Brunches

Here is an advert for our upcoming Brunch, hope to see you there!

Contact office@highkingsdown.co.uk to find out more