Photo Archive

Highbury to High Kingsdown

Here are a collection of photos kindly given to us by Stephen Shepherd and Sally Bassnet. The back of many of these photos have written descriptions which we have reproduced. The author and collator of this collection is currently unknown. We are very grateful to be able to share this local historian's valuable local knowledge.

Hampton Road Turnpike (1860's)

Men and boys sit on one of the two gates barring travellers at the top of St Michael's Hill. All routes north attracted tolls for wagons, carriages, animals and proved very unpopular

Paul Street (1900 - 14)

Only small fragments of Georgian Kingsdown survive east of St Michael's Hill. Nowadays Paul Street leads to the garages, houses and 'green' of High Kingsdown

Parkers Nurseries (1900 - 1907)

Top of St Michaels Hill, from Highbury Chapel to Parker's entrance to his glasshouses, just beyond the Wine Vaults now the Highbury Vaults

St Michaels Hill (1860 - 70)

The Scotchman and His Pack and the Colston Arms on the right are familiar as are the cobbles and paving of the walkways on the left

St Michaels Hill (1910 - 14)

The postcard looks up the hill. The lower pavement will disappear under traffic but the almshouses, and, on the right, the Colston's Arms are unchanged.

Highbury Chapel (pre 1895)

A 1930's postcard shows the chapel as seen from the porch of the Homeopathic Hospital opposite.

The Drill Ground (1902)

The Coronation of Edward VII was celebrated on the Drill Ground opposite the Children's Hospital. Blitzed, it is now the new Maternity Hospital on St Michael's Hill.

Western College

A Theological training college 1906 - 1969. Used by the Southern Universities Examination Board. Now a medical practice

St Michael's Church Wall 1895

St Michaels Church lost some of its graveyard to road widening in 1895. The new retaining wall still stands, marking the top of St Michael's Hill

Last look at Paul Street (1970's)

The Drapers, the Butchers and the bakers will survive but the corner building (now Parson's) marks doomed Paul Street, soon to become High Kingsdown

Paul Street demolition (1970's)

Many of the Georgian shops and terraces of Paul Street fell to the clearances needed for the development of High Kingsdown

Awaiting the supermarket (1971/3)

Shops at the top of St Michael's Hill face the building site prepared for the flats and lowrise housing completed in 1974 as High Kingsdown

Supermarket and Flats under construction (1970's)

View of the flats and Highbury Villas from cottages behind Cotham Hill. Sheds and warehouses can be seen in the distance and a lorry full of beer. The five floors of the flats, to become sheltered accomodation for the elderly, now student accommodation are very much a work in progress.