Map of high kingsdown

A pdf version of the High Kingsdown map (easier to view on a phone) can be downloaded here

The house numbering system takes some getting used to. In some places it moves in tune with the lanes, elsewhere not. South western houses generally have lower numbers, but the pattern is broken in the centre where the southernmost houses have higher numbers, and then resumes in the north east, but not with complete regularity (of course).

A curiosity: does High Kingsdown's layout look like Hillier and Hanson's of "Space Syntax"'s 'beady ring layoout? Space Syntax is now a vast company which supposedly grew out of Hillier and Hanson's 1984 "The Social Logic of Space" which applies an anthropological theory invented by them of the spontaneous arrangement of pre-modern buildings, to present-day consulting, e.g. Southmead hospital. The form of beady ring is an invariant found e.g. among all ‘urban hamlets’ of the Vaucluse region of Provence, France. Each was organised around an irregular ring street with an array of wide and narrow spaces, which seemed like beads on string. Early Space Syntax research observed that it had arisen not by conscious design but by some accumulative process of small-scale decisions taken over time.


Hillier, B. & Hanson, J. (1984), The Social Logic of Space, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. pp.10, 59-61