Communal Brickwork

In case you may not have noticed, High Kingsdown is made up of lots of characterful pink, brown and yellow bricks.... Brick houses, brick flats, brick planters, brick boundary walls... Some of these are communally owned - they used to be managed by the council.

Between 2014 - 2017 the council Neigbourhood Partnership funded the repair of many of our communal walls and planters.

Our community garden group has project managed seven separate projects, doing most of the labouring and hiring experienced bricklayer Denise Howard to do the rebuilds

Boundary wall

Our long boundary wall between the flats and houses was falling down and badly needed repairing and rebuilding.

But happily, the Council was persuaded to rebuild it - through the good offices of former Lib-Dem Councillor Anthony Negus, who has done so much for the estate.