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Minutes of the High Kingsdown Community Association meeting June 7th

2022 at Monika’s

Those present: Martin, Monika, Tony, Ken, Shaun, Nick, Karen (minutes)

We thought that Briony’s report on the status of our Kingsdown sports centre bid was excellent and clear. I’m going to attach the report to the end of these minutes. We need to say thank you to Briony for all the hard work she’s put into this bid so far.

Karen explained that Geoff Collard would like to join the Kingsdown sport centre subcommittee.

It was noted that the KSC subcommittee was part of the High Kingsdown Community Association, but a specialist subgroup. The subgroup and main committee work together, but subgroup are focused on bid, and can co-opt new members who are not part of the committee to help.

We thanked Martin Smith for his brilliant newsletter introducing the idea that HKCA would like to make a bid with Raised In Bristol (RIB) for the sports centre. The newsletter also had a survey in it which would help us promote idea of a community sports centre and get more information on what local people want and need.

We talked about delivering the newsletter, and sending it via electronic methods like WhatsApp groups and next door. We will send the newsletter electronically, help deliver, and we need to work out a bit more of a plan for this. We know we want to deliver in BS2...

Green Cotham

There was a conversation about how to support Green Cotham. The committee wants to support it but is worried that it might not be legal to fund the Green Cotham project as Karen is the main project worker for it (and is also on the HKCA committee...).

Any decision can be made (a) after having sought advice more widely - which professionals can we ask for advice about legalities? Who do we ask? (b) with better knowledge of project (Karen to give committee the July review document. And c) without Karen present! In July the project will have run for three terms.

Safety on the estate

Tony went to the Cotham Parish Church Police Surgery recently and talked to them about the burglaries. Karen says she will figure out how the church advertise events so we know when next surgery is. Green Cotham, Karen and Angie have been clearing Belfield Walk - it got very overgrown and the new owner of no. 6 got the bottom of his door kicked in and someone jumping over his garden. Action: Newsletter article about security on the estate - recommend intact walls & gates, trellis’s, keep doors and downstairs windows shut and locked etc,especially bad around holiday time etc.

There is a new student liaison officer Steve Smith. He’s an ex Policeman and Monica has been meeting with him. The Uni have changed their method of delivery of their moving in leaflets and are now asking residents to deliver them! Monica and Ken have agreed to help...Action: invite Steve to one of our meetings...

Shaun has bought some paint and has been practicing painting numbers on bins. 🙂

There was a question brought up via letter by Marion about boundary of the estate. The committee thought that the estate itself was the 103 houses and 76 flats plus Kings House. Theboundary for the charity is wider: High Kingsdown and surrounding houses/ roads. Further discussion needed to clarify but we generally deliver the newsletter to around 500 houses for practical reasons...! Our charity could include anyone ‘close’ and anyone in the general Kingsdown Cotham area who is interested in and cares about High Kingsdown.

Marion sent another request for us to consider recycled paper when we were printing the newsletter and keeping printing local. She also asked about Green High Kingsdown funding.The latter two questions to be discussed at next meeting when Martin back.

Weeds/ Wildflowers

Tony and Megan have been out weeding loads, and so has Ken. Karen is now mainly doing selective weeding of the troublesome/ big/ invasive weeds - buddlia, tropical fleabane and grass, so she can focus on flowerbeds - last few years all her energy was going into weeding and she has had no time for the flowerbeds. Weeding group recently experimented with strimming grass on lanes - this worked surprisingly well - we still need more volunteers to help.

Tony and Megan are going Lane by lane and clearing many of the weeds but leaving some small species. This is a steady approach but would need many more people to be able to have lanes looking completely tidy and neat.

The committee are divided about what to do with the pavement wildflowers. Karen thinks either we should lobby for a foamstream machine which could clear the lanes yearly - it basically cooks the wildflowers, or we have to just keep lanes looking cared for by litter picking, sweeping and selective weeding/ strimmer. We have almost a mile of lanes if you count both sides, and with almost 60% landlords it’s hard to imagine having the time to weed everything all the time.

Crucially there is the issue of biodiversity and the insects and birds that depend on the wildflowers to consider too. Karen has seen a variety of birds and insects on the lane fauna.

Some believe that it would be best if only the beds and gardens had the wildflowers, but this would only be achievable with use of many more volunteers, foamstream or glyphosate. The latter would add toxins to the lanes and affect the morale/ enjoyment of volunteer weeders among other issues! Action 1: Keep weeding and try to get people to help weed the grass before it sets seed this year!!

Action 2: Write article about this for next newsletter and also an article about the results of the survey we did at the beginning of this year. Reference Anthony Negus’s campaign to get council to stop spraying, and the councils pledges.

Treasurers report

We’ve spent £350 on 2500 leaflets and these were printed by Greyhound on Whiteladies Road.

Martin says us moving to a Coop charity account is imminent. HSBC have just changed their T&C and are now charging us to have the account, Coop don’t charge. Madeline checked the books for us this year - thank you Madeline! We unanimously agreed to offer the KSC project £1,000 to help with feasibility study.

Reporting Grafitti and fly tipping

Please copy office@highkingsdown.co.uk when you fill in a council form reporting stuff, it helps us all work together.

Rough sleepers what can we do?

It was agreed that our website would have a special page for what to do in case of homeless people living on estate and our policy. Tony to work on this. Generally, it was agreed there was nothing our committee could do except support individual residents to know how to help with

signposting to support services and to keep communicating with the person about issues and support.

Next meeting: 19th July