Name-lists of residents, and maybe some others:
RTM group
(list of names and addresses of people in flats)
People with access: Russ Murchie, Peter Anderton, Briony Waite, Lizanne Harland, Matthew Pollock, Karen Sillence

(list of names and addresses of people in houses)
People with access: Shaun, Nick, Karen, Matthew, Pella

People with access: Tony Allan, Briony Waite, Matthew Pollock, Martin Smith

Graffiti documents:
Graffiti Group
Graffiti documents
People with access: Martin Smith, Briony Waite, Matthew Pollock, Karen Sillence

(nothing in here)
People with access: Karen Sillence


Data privacy and access
The links work if you are member of a group.
Because of data privacy issues, membership is restricted.  Similarly, those with access should be cautious about revealing information.
Click on a link.  If you are not included, you'll be prompted to request access.

Screenshot of IDrive Folder: