Rubbish and Recycling

The rubbish and recycling systems for the houses and flats in High Kingsdown are different.  See information about how to recycle if you live in the flats below the house info.      
Reporting-problems - police, pests, nuisance, garbage, etc

Collection: houses

High Kingsdown houses recycling and rubbish collections are made on a Friday between 7am and 2pm. See leaflet on right for a schedule of collections & what to put in your bins.

Rubbish is collected from the walkways, but if you live near a main collection point, leaving it neatly at these points makes sure it is seen.  Cardboard must be broken up and placed neatly by the side of the box.

We are very lucky in Bristol as most of our waste can be recycled.  This means that less has to go to landfill or be incinerated.  The small black boxes are for all your paper, glass and batteries, The small green box is for most of your plastic, all your tins, cans and metal lids and all your cardboard and cartons including tetrapacs.  The small brown bins are for food waste of any kind.  You can buy biodegradeable bags to put inside a kitchen caddy in your kitchen and when that is partially full put this into the brown bin.  If you don't have any of these bins they can be ordered online from the council website.   Here is a link to Bristol Councils website: What goes in your bins and boxes

Main collection points are: Little Paul Street, Alfred Place, Portland Street, Paul Street, St Michaels Hill from Myrtle Road to Paul Street and the entrance to High Kingsdown at Clarence Place.   There is also a mini recycling Centre on Little Paul Street, the Flats have their own recycling centre near the end of Oxford Street.

Collection: flats - not the same!

The system for the flats is different.  The categories are different.  There is a big Waste Area, which can get dirty. It is really important to try to keep it clean.

It makes sense to sort your rubbish before you carry it down from your flat to the rubbish area.  Especially cardboard, best flattened in your apartment. 

There are the following 6 categories:

  1. Unsortable waste, which must be wrapped in black bags (obtainable from the Co-op) before being put in the lockable storage building within the collection area. [collection: Tuesday, Friday]
  2. Bottles, rinsed [collection: Thursday]
  3.  Cans and plastic containers (nothing black) {collection: Thursday]
  4. Food waste, only bio-degradable material, which goes in biodegradable bags (obtainable from the Co-op) [collection: Thursday]
  5. Cardboard - all cardboard must be flattened  [collection: Thursday]
  6. Paper & newspaper [collection: Thursday]

In other words: recyclable are collected on Thursday, non-recyclables on Tuesday and Friday.

It is anti-social to dump waste beside collection bins. 

Timur the Great
The waste area has a combination lock, using the starting date of Timur the Great's reign. Timur was the 2nd greatest imperial killer in history, after Genghiz Khan. If you don't know the date his reign started, look it up in wikipedia.  The date is preceded by a C and followed by a Y.

Bulky household items (old sofas, cupboards, etc) must not be put in the waste area.  The charity shop on St Michael's Hill takes almost anything, and the Compass Project on Gloucester Road will collect furniture they can sell: 0117 956 8873 Email:   Or try one of below, the council charge a small amount to take away bulky items but will take away several for the same price.

Fly Tipping
The Council say they will collect illegally dumped objects.

Dumping large objects in the rubbish area is highly anti-social.
Don't kid yourself that it is the job of the Management Company to dispose of dumped objects. That's not how it works. Instead, The Junk Busters are called out at £150 per collection. That is paid, each time, by the flat owners - i.e., by you, or by your landlord.

How to dispose of large objects?
Book a bulky household item collection on the Council's website.

Useful Websites:

Bristol City Council Neighbourhood and Housing Services Tel: 0117 922 3838

Phone the Neighbourhood and Housing Services customer service centre (or visit the Council's website) for advice on rubbish and recycling collections, including special collection of bulky items.

Bristol Council
Street Sweeping                         0117 922 2100
Recycling                                    0117 903 1221
Refuse Collection                       0117 922 2100
Collection of Bulky Items             0117 922 2100
Reporting Abandoned Vehicles   0117 222 2100

When I (Matthew) last complained to the Council about the state of the bins area, on 9 Feb 2017 they sent a "Waste Doctor".  The Waste Doctor talked to Hillcrest, who took up the matter with Council appointees Bristol Waste Company

SOFA Project Tel: 0117 954 3567

Donate your unwanted furniture and electrical appliances to help those on benefits or low incomes furnish their homes - and keep reusable items out of landfill! The charitable organisation also provides work experience for unemployed people.

Freecycle or

Freecycle is a web-based network for giving away and acquiring stuff for free, including furniture, clothes, garden equipment... in fact, just about anything you think someone else might have a use for! The advantages of this network are that you can even get rid of items that aren't in great condition, and that you can arrange for the 'taker' to collect from you for free.

Current recycling leaflet given to residents living in the houses in January every year.

Timur the Great - the dates of his reign hold the key to the flats' Waste Area.

He is watching you to make sure you sort your waste

1.Unsortable waste in black bags (turn knob anticlockwise)

2. Bottles, rinsed

3. Cans and plastic containers (nothing black)

4. Food Waste (biodegradable)

5. Cardboard (flatten in your apartment first)

6. Paper and newspapers