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We have managed to raise £103K of funds and have been assigned a project manager from the council who is working with the architect Alex Fraser to build stage one.  We hope work can start soon.  We are looking for people to help us raise funds and even giving an occasional morning to help would be useful and much appreciated.

Unfortunately, the council scaled back our ambitions and almost all green was taken out and replaced by macadam or macadam covered with rubber, although the bushes around the revamped playground remained. This was partly because of a misunderstanding about how our section 106 / Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money could be spent. The council project manager erroneously believed it could not be spent on "maintenance", for instance of a grassed area.  This was incorrect (see the legislation which expands a 2012 amendment). 

But see update 31 October 2017 below. Yay!  A part of the original plan has been restored.

Let's see how that works out.  See next time we need help with playground design for organisations that might help.

Here are the plans, in time-sequence. More detailed pdf versions are attached below.

Plans as at December 2016:

Plans as they stood in late September 2017:

Note how the green turned brown, indicating macadam covered with rubber, or blue, indicating macadam.  Yep, afraid so.  Awful. 
Grass all gone, gone.

Update 31 October 2017: due to a chance meeting with Deputy Mayor Asher Craig, who was grumbled at by us (!), the council officers altered the plans to include more green.  Yay! 


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