Bicycle provision is poor in High Kingsdown, which was built just after the peak of enthusiasm for car transport. 

So for example the flats have garages, but no provision for cycle parking.  So, often, cyclists attach bikes to the garage railings, which occasionally irritates car owners.

Residents of the houses are in an easier position, as they can secure bikes in their gardens.  But visitors to the estate have no way of securing their bikes. 

A group of us is hoping to improve all this by:
  • building a secure storage bike area for the flats
  • getting more Sheffield stands for High Kingsdown estate
  • getting 1 or more on-street lockable bike hangars

Often grants are available, but depend on us getting cyclists to say they need these facilities. We have some names; but we need more. 
Please email us (Name, address, number of cyclists involved) at: with subject: Bicycles

Bristol Cycling Campaign the city's main cycling pressure group has a useful diary page
Lifecycleuk provides free training, useful for those (like me) nervous when turning right or on roundabouts.  Or new to the UK!
Bristol cycling and walking bugbears
Bristol Bike Project - repairs, training, workshop (in City Road)

Bike security, locks, etc:
Free for students
Planning your route:
Travel West's Journey Planner is surprisingly good (less good are BetterbyBike regional cycle maps and Cyclestreets journey planner).
Good paper cycling route maps produced by Better by Bike, which are excellent at local level, can be got for £1.50 from the Bristol Tourist Information Centre next to the Watershed (but are sometimes out of date).
It helps to use Google maps to wander around before making a journey. You can see what low-traffic routes are possible, but of course it doesn't show cycle-only routes. (propensity to cycle map)

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